Re: Yarrow and Ettrickbridge


Hi Valorie

Lovely that you have visited the valley, how long ago was that? Was the minister Samuel Siroky (Czech), Bruce Lawrie or George Thomson?

I had noticed some Cowan gravestones up near the church as some of my ancestor's gravestones (Nichol, Baptie) are right beside the church.

I only moved out of the valley a couple of years ago having lived there all my life but given the number of incomers in recent years there are very few long term (with an ancestral past) residents there any more which is a shame.  I was just discussing that with an old neighbour last week.

It is a lovely place and I'm glad you got a lot of information from the lady up the valley. Which farm/cottage were your ancestor's from?  Mine lived mainly at Kershope, Whitehope and Lewinshope. Whitehope is the farm behind Yarrow Kirk.

Yarrow Feus is part of Yarrow as is Yarrowford which is 5 miles from Selkirk.


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