Re: Yarrow and Ettrickbridge


Meghw, when my father and sister and I visited Scotland, the most important place to spend time in was Yarrow Feus, which I guess is part of Yarrow, because that is where my Cowans lived before emigrating to Canada in 1832. It was wonderful! We drove out to St. Mary's Loch, and another day drove over the hill to Ettrickbridge and walked around a bit there. 

We came Sunday to go to church where those ancestors had attended, but missed the service due to the sign on the church giving the wrong hour! However, we were in time to greet people as they left the service, including the pastor who introduced us to a lovely lady whose family had lived in Yarrow for generations. She invited us to her home for tea and told us so much about the area.

I will never forget the visit, or walking around the churchyard reading the stones. 

It was all so lovely, but seems to lack people!

Valorie Cowan Zimmerman

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