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Thank you for posting, Shirley!

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Good Evening All

A question/suggestion:  would those responding through my post where I am specifically seeking my McColman, Campbell, Bell and Graham ancestors not be better initiating a post with a subject line of their kin's names? - not tagging onto mine.  I'm a novice but I was able to draft my own search subject line.  I get excited when I see that someone is responding to my post - me thinking they are seeking my ancestors too - only to find that they are not - they are seeking completely different Scottish ancestors.

Thank you Dee for your response regarding Scottish naming patterns.  Family names repeated from generation to generation certainly keep us on our toes!  Best of luck to you too in your research of the ancestors!


::snip all old::

It is hard work to dig out the information for a list post. So let's all take the extra moment to think about whether or not replying is the best way to ensure that your work makes some impact. 

If you write a new post, then create a descriptive subject line with names, dates and places.

If you are replying and have something to add to the subject line, then edit the subject before sending. And please quote only what is needed to make your reply understandable. 

Yes, it takes a minute or two longer sometimes, but it is so worth getting into the habit.

Thank you in advance for doing that.