St Andrews Immigrations Society, Immigrant Bounty Ticket

Edie Mc

HI again,

Does anyone have an example of a Bounty /ticket I can use please. I am compiling a Family History in binder form, rather than a book, as I want to add to it . Making copies for immediate family.  It covers 36 years of research.  Not worrying about a book, as I want to add to it and have any one in the family add to it for future reference.


Our Scottish immigrants John McArthur and his wife Isabella Stevenson came to Tasmania as Bounty Immigrants, sponsered by the St Andrews Immigration Society of Tasmania. I have a useful little book, mentions quite a bit about the Bounty Ticket, but would like one to add to my Binder.  The Application as well  I note with interest that it says one of the requirements was the immigrant had to have a copy of their Baptism, which means my elusive John McArthur was baptised.  I do think he was illegitimate, so whether he was baptised as a baby or  as an adult prior to sailing, I have yet to find out.


It can be a Blank Bounty Ticket or written on, just as long I can illustrate to the family what their ancestor needed as a pas to board ship.


Edie McArthur


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