Roll call of our DNA families, they differ from our surname of McARTHUR, familytreedna tested Y111 markers

Edie Mc

I am hoping by posting the 9 furthest away ancestors of the nine Y111 DNA matches of my sons and their father, the McARTHUR family all born in Tasmania of scottish descent.  However to date no McARTHUR surname matches.  these are the 9 matches but only four surnames.

Note, these are not the names of the donors, though the donors tohave the same surnames as their ancestors.

Familytreedna tested.  with the genetic distance at the Y111 marker level, some have Big Y and some also have familyfinder

Farquhar MacDonald b1746 Reay, Caithness died 1842,  Genetic distance 8 steps
William MacDonald b1766, Farr, Sunderland,  Genetic disance 8 steps
Alexan ( I think this is Alexander) MacDonald b1779, Halkirk, Caithness died 1883 .  Genetic distance9 steps
Donald Carmichael, Isle of Lismore  Genetic distance 9 steps
Phagen Carmichael, no location mentioned, Genetic distance 9 steps
Murdock Campbell,   no Location mentioned, Genetic distance 9 steps
George William Mackay b1885 and died 1918, Genetic distance 10 steps
John MacDonald of Achscoriciate 1752-1840 Caithness, Genetic distance 10 steps
Mr Daniel Francis MacNeil, Genetic Distance 10 Steps

We have tested with MyHeritage, both autosomal and All male line YDNA with Familytree maker.  We are trying to find out where our McARTHUR family inherited the name of McARTHUR.   It would appear the MacDONALD are the biggest contenders but even they may have inherited their name from one of the others. I know Heirs and landowners came by some of the names.  Hopefully some one out there may have some of these names say for many generations and then we may get a clearer picture which of these family surnames should be ours.  I realise the McARTHURS may have had that name for several generations but if that were the case we should have at least a few other McARTHUR Donors of DNA.  Our John McARTHUR does not appear to have any siblings as there is no paper trail for any with same parents and we have no marriage to date of  the reputed father Duncan McARTHUR and mother Margaret SMITH (no irregular marriage or proclamation) no location or autosomal match for Margaret SMITH either

Hope someone recognises or knows someone who has these names.  there are websites with them mentioned on google for some of them. Farquhar MacDonald is mentioned. Cant remember the others.

DNA matches to the above Robert,  and Malcolm McARTHUR another son is 67 marker and matches as well but there are more matches and false positves with the lower markers.  the Y111 have flushed many of them out.

Thanks in anticipation