Roll Call - Greig, Kean, Mudie, Morris, Sword, Gibb, Munro, Scott, Cant


Hi  All, just realised I hadn't added my list of names.  the above names are on my maternal grandfather's side from Dundee, Scotland.  
My maternal Grandfather is Robert Kean Greig b1886, Dundee born to Barbara Scott Greig & Robert Kean.  Barbara & Robert were not married & my grandather's birth regn showed he was illegitimate with no father listed but had an RCE notation in the margin.  Viewing the RCE confirmed that Robert Kean was his father.  It stated were Robert lived & his occupation.  I am assuming that when a father is confirmed and noted with an RCE then the father would be expected to pay maintenance, would that be correct and if so, where would I find that info please?
GGM- Barbara Scott Greig (b1865),
2xGGP - William Greig (1832) & Agnes Mudie (1832) . |   Kean  & ????
3xGGP - James Greig(1807) & Jane Morris.(1800)  |  Alexander Mudie (1807) & Agnes Sword (1817)
4XGGP- Peter Greig (1781) & Jean Gibb.(1788)   | John Morris (c 1780)& Margaret Munro(1780)  |  John Mudie (1789) & Agnes Scott (1790) | George Sword (1783)  &                        Helen Cant (1782)
Anything of interest I would love to hear from you.
Cheers from Hobsonville Point, Auckland, NZ
Heather MacDonald Higgins