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Off topic completely can someone tell me what this  Â and what do you used it for.




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My Mother (non-Scottish) was buried as Ella B. Smith and when I saw it was horrified.  She was born as Ella B. Whittier and married my Dad, David Laurie Smith (Scottish ancestry).  I asked my Dad why he had buried her and not put her maiden name as his parents were shown as Nelson Smith and Jessie Hird (her maiden), his wife.


My Dad had no excuse but after he died, I paid a considerable sum to have my mothers maiden name put on the gravestone along with his dates.


Lauraine (Smith) Syrnick  



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Another interesting topic Janet and getting away from maiden surnames and even to a different country but it explains past practices - I have a 2gtgf name on a headstone in Cornwall but he was lost at sea off the Irish coast in a storm.  No body was recovered so there are no death or burial records.  The name on the headstone is just meant to commemorate the fact that he lived and died and was part of that family.

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I was told many years ago that a married woman went by her married name and after her husband's death she continued using his name for one year then reverted to using her maiden name e.g.  Catherine Caskey (marriage recorded but no death and no mention on any census)was shown on the 1841 census of Islay; on the 1851 Census she was shown as Catherine Smith (her maiden name). I have always assumed that this was the first year after his death - or maybe not:)- 


I also know that just because a name is on a stone in the cemetery does not mean that person is buried there.  My grandmother put her daughter's name (married name) on the family stone, but she is not buried there.  My gg grandmother's name is on a stone but there is no record of her having died even although she died after civil registration.  I checked this with Scotlandspeople and they confirmed they have no record.





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