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Finding Patrick's thread interesting.  I have record of a James Innes married to Isobel MOIR 11 Nov. 1797, Huntly AB.  The parish of Forgue AB has MOIR families there.  Over the years I have seen this name spelled various ways including MOIR, MAIR, MORE, MOR.  I suspect Isobel's father to be Alexander Moir or MAIR from Forgue.  No proof.  The couple settled in Oriquhill, Banffshire.  Goldie

From: Patrick Fero
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Not to confuse matters, although admittedly I probably am, but we've got Muirs in our background also, but can find no link between them and those being discussed here.
This is the limited information I have:

Nothing much back beyond William Moir (1818-1861)/Catherine Woodward (1828-1896) except his parents were likely William and Mary Moir.   No direct evidence back beyond that.  Also no direct evidence of any surname spelled More or Muir other than the belief that all of them stem from the same gene pool farther back.     Our clan likely came from Aberdeenshire.   

The 1861 London Ontario census shows Margaret and William Moir and three kids (James 1819; Alexander 1824; and William 1818) living in the same neighborhood as the Woodwards and the Dwyers (all eventually intermarried).  St. Peter's Basilica Parish records there show our Moirs were married in 1850 and had child #1 (Isabella) in 1851.   

Have not yet found the precise emigration year or the vessel on which they sailed but it's narrowed to 1848-49.   And, William and three of the six kids all died in the 1861 influenza epidemic (December). 

Catherine remarried in Detroit in 1863 to Patrick Keating and they and the three surviving Moir kids (Isabella 1851, Daniel 1854, and William1856) moved up to Ovid in that time frame.

BTW, twins tend to run in the gene pool.   William was a twin (1818), his son Daniel had a twin John (1854), and his daughter Helen Neva Moore Newman (1897) was a twin (Hazel Eva 1897).

Patrick Fero

On 1/30/2020 5:08 PM, Jocelyn Gould wrote:

Hello from another More researcher,

My Mores were from Ross-shire as far back as the records allow, so can't help - sorry



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Hi fellow MORE researchers
The MORE family I'm researching begins in Drymen, Stirlingshire about 1700 with:
John MORE c. 1700 married Margaret MCLEW born c. 1700
Their child of interest was John MOIR c 1727 married Katherine GRAHAM born c. 1729
Then William MORE/MOIR born c 1758 married Elizabeth BUCHANAN born  c. 1758
Offspring was David MORE c 1806 married Agnes Sloan GRAHAM in Glasgow, Lanarkshire in 1830
Their offspring of interest was David MORE 1847 who married Mary Jane CAMPBELL b. 1852
The family had migrated to Renfrewshire and Lanarkshire before scattering to many points of the globe including Canada and Australia.
Thanks for any help and will provide what help I can.