Making your posts count


Hi folks, I'm noticing an issue, maybe a problem in how members are posting. The reason I'm speaking up is that I know it's a bit of work to write a post, and I want each of us to get the most out of that work as possible. The issue is that many people are replying to posts, but rather than being on the posted subject, write about someone, somewhere, or sometime entirely different. Worse, they don't edit the subject line. makes it easy to write a new post, whether you use this group as an email list or as a forum.

Email: every email you get from the group has the following footer (this is mine): Links:
You receive all messages sent to this group.
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Each of these is a link. You can use any of them to take the actions named in the links, including "New Topic" . Each of these links will send to, and you will need either to have logged in before, or create one. You don't need a password, although you can create one and use that to login. 

You can click reply in your email client, but then you will experience this problem, unless your reply is really meant to be a reply.

Or you can click new message in your email, or whatever your client calls it (gmail calls it COMPOSE), write your subject line, address it to and write your post.

Please take a second to think about which choice will give your post the best chance of being seen by the person or people you want to see it.

I hope you are all keeping well,