Marjorie Ward

These are my husband John`s ancestors.
Mother`s family
GARDNER Thomas married Elizabeth ALLEN in Manchester in 1839.  He may be the one baptised at Port Glasgow in 1815 with parents David GARDNER & Helen WALLACE.  He definitely isn`t the one born in Ballatrae as he was still in that village when our man was in Manchester.
John is descended from Thomas & Elizabeth`s granddaughter Helen.
Father`s family
REDPATH Andrew born Nenthorn 1840 – died Leith 1897.  Married Beatrice Tait ANDERSON in Hawick in 1871. Son of John Redpath & Jane (Jean) WRIGHT. Grandson of George Redpath & Janet OLIVER plus Samuel Wright & Isabella KER
ANDERSON Beatrice Tait born 1850 in Hawick – died N Leith 1894. Dau of Robert Anderson & Helen Jane Bell JOHNSTONE. Granddaughter of James Johnston(e) & Mary Galations.
John is descended from Andrew & Beatrice`s dau Isabella.
Marjorie Ward, Derbyshire, UK
Sources for Disley; Lyme Handley; Taxal & Whaley
Sources for NWDby incl Chapel; Charlesworth; Chinley; Fernilee; Glossop;
Hayfield; Hope Valley; Mellor & New Mills
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