Re: William & Agnes McKIE returning to Scotland pre 1949?

Robert N. G. KEMSLEY <robtricia@...>

Morning Anne:

The message to the list from Valorie was in reply to my posting on the 21 August and thus the confusion and in the interim; I have learnt ever so very much from the list.
Initially I was looking for the family in Canada where my mother told the extended family they were and perhaps some elements of the family may be there; but the family I am particularly interested in remained in the UK with Walter Thomson McKIE emigrating to western Australia where he claimed to have been with a Brother which has since proved to be correct as well as other clues he dropped over the years.

" William McKie and Agnes Thomson were married in 1897 in Kirkpatrick Durham, Kirkcudbrightshire. Again, their marriage certificate will tell you the names of their parents. William McKie, widower of Agnes Thomson, died in Thornhill (Morton registration district) in 1952. His wife Agnes died in Irongray in 1949."

This is the family I've been following as I believe it is the family sought and because it fits is what was already known of Walter.

" Why do you think that Walter Thomson McKinnin was the son of William McKie and Agnes Thomson, by the way?"

Because although Walter was most secretive about his past, along the way he did drop clues and one of these was that Agnes THOMPSON was his mother which until recently; was but a poser, but it's now revealed that this piece of information was correct.
Walter also claimed he was born Belfast, Ireland 1900-1914 with a mention of Scotland.
But; it's now been proven that he was born Scotland in 1907.

It's a pity that both Walter and my Mother are not around today to be confronted with the truth and then perhaps they may have revealed all and saved a heck of a lot of further researching for the truth?

I trust the above clears up all the misunderstanding?



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