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Josephine Conray

Hi Bob

William Melrose died 27 June 1947 in Geelong Victoria Australia.

Janet Scot Melrose Died 20 Nov 1926 Geelong Victoria Aust.

Catherine Elder Melrose died 24 Sep 1991 in Geelong Victoria. Married Richard Turnbull Kemp in 1938

Jessie Janet Johnstone Melrose 16 July 1954 Geelong Victoria married Roy Francis McKim 1944

They all arrived on the ship "Commonwealth" on 22 July 1920

Looks like William may have remarried to a Marjorie Irene Stringer b1898-1995

Hope this is the right family


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I have only found one of my ancestor travelled to Australia Melbourne 1920

William Melrose born 1881 Ladhope Scotland

Janet Scott Melrose nee Dobson born 1882 Ladhope

Janet Johnstone Melrose born 1907 Ladhope

Catherine Elder Melrose born 1910 Ladhope.

Janet I believe return home to Scotland & died about 1951.

Any help in anyway gratefully received.


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