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On Sat, Jan 18, 2020 at 4:05 PM Bret Busby <bret@...> wrote:

I have two suggestions for people, regarding names of interest.

The first, is, when posting a message with the name of someone that you
are researching, put the name in the message subject line, so that
people can easily see it, when scanning the lists of message subjects,
when we are looking for names that interest us; name (best in all
uppercase), place, and, year.

Thanks so much for saying this, Bret! Your subject line is your "advertising" -- especially to those folks who read this group in a weekly digest. Give them something they want to click on! 

The second, is, for each family name that you have, of interest, when
you have posted your message, go to the group web page, and, at the top
of the group web page, you should see a menu item "Find or Create a
Group". click on that, which will take you to a Search web page, and, do
a search to find whether a group exists for the family name; if so, join
it, and post a message also to that group, about your person/people of
interest, related to that name, if you have not already.

And, remember - we who are migrating Rootsweb lists to groups,
are doing this on an ongoing basis, so, I am currently doing it at the
rate of two or three a day, and, with other Rootsweb List Administrators
doing this, the name groups are being added to, daily, so, it is worth
checking weekly, if not daily, to find whether your names of interest,
have name genealogy groups, at .

As a single example, the Rootsweb Kane mailing list, got migrated to the
Kane-genealogy group, in the last day or so.

The more places that a fisher sets a line, the more chance of obtaining
a catch, and, the potential to catch more.

Bret Busby
West Australia

Another good point. I have a number of surname lists too, and they are an excellent way to find cousin researchers. Locality lists are great because local people know the land, people and records. Surname lists focus on the family group through time and migrations. So they are both worth "fishing" in. 

Fish in all the ponds!


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