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Subject: Invitation to join the Scots@Scotland-Genealogy.groups.io group



You have been invited by Valorie Zimmerman to join the Groups.io group Scots@Scotland-Genealogy.groups.io.

The following message was included by Valorie Zimmerman:

Hello, you have already been invited to this group, but Bret has found that the original invitations won't work now that the email address has changed slightly:

Group Email Addresses

Post: Scots@Scotland-Genealogy.groups.io

Subscribe: Scots+subscribe@Scotland-Genealogy.groups.io

Unsubscribe: Scots+unsubscribe@Scotland-Genealogy.groups.io

Group Owner: Scots+owner@Scotland-Genealogy.groups.io

Help: Scots+help@Scotland-Genealogy.groups.io

Please reply if you want to be part of the group -- no message is necessary. Simply click Reply and then Send.
Discard if you are not interested.

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If you have questions about this invitation, send them to Scots+owner@Scotland-Genealogy.groups.io.

To accept the invitation, please reply to this email, or you may accept the invitation on the website.

If you are not interested, or if marilyn.meyer@... is not your email address, please ignore this email.

The Groups.io Team


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