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Josephine Conray

Hi Bert

Thank you very much for all the work you do for the list and also for the
Kane site I did not know there was one, so I am on it know.

Qld Aust

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Hi to List

My main surnames in Scotland are

James Kane & Anne Smith in Airdrie & Ireland

Laurence McGarry Lanark Scotland

Not sure if this is the correct way to post I could not work out the


Josephine Aust.

Hello, Josephine.

1. You are one of the few people doing the right thing regarding your
names of interest - (family) names of interest should be put in the
message subject, so that they can be easily found, by people scanning
the message subjects for anything that may be of interest. All
subscribers to genealogy lists, should always do that.

2. You may be interested in the new group that is the replacement for
the Rootsweb Kane mailing lists - see

It is new, and, still getting new members.

If you are inclined, please join it and post an introductory message
there, in addition to here.

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