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Edie Mc

HI Lynne
Thanks very much for letting me view your website Lynne. I am going to put all of my sons and their fathers Y111 matches over, there are only nine men and the Campbell is amongst them.  Only the furthest ancestor of the donors who bear the same surname as their ancestors, not the donors themselves.  It will help our family and maybe anyone out there who have any of the men mentioned.

I wished I was as intelligent as you and could create a website like that.  I will show it to my son who does genealogy and we are both trying to break this wall down.  He is a school teacher so may find the time one day to create a website.

thanks again
Edie McArthur

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Edie - Duncan Campbell, my ancestor,  - all of the descendants of that family are through the marriages of their daughters, Katherine (Toothaker), Elizabeth (Rankin), Susanna (Wise), Isabella (Darst) - and one daughter of son Peter (my second great grandfather) and wife Elizabeth Winn - daughter named Emma Maline Campbell married Tallmadge Norwood - Peter's son William Henry died very young in the Civil War   .  I have discovered many Norwood matches, but have been unable to weed out any Campbell matches among them.  Only autosomal - no males.  Duncan also had a son named William who migrated into "West Canady" and was evidently never heard from again.  If you want to look further, check out my website at - look at the Norwood files especially the "Pedigree - Family Group Sheet" file.


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