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Lynne Roberts

Edie - Duncan Campbell, my ancestor, - all of the descendants of that family are through the marriages of their daughters, Katherine (Toothaker), Elizabeth (Rankin), Susanna (Wise), Isabella (Darst) - and one daughter of son Peter (my second great grandfather) and wife Elizabeth Winn - daughter named Emma Maline Campbell married Tallmadge Norwood - Peter's son William Henry died very young in the Civil War .  I have discovered many Norwood matches, but have been unable to weed out any Campbell matches among them.  Only autosomal - no males.  Duncan also had a son named William who migrated into "West Canady" and was evidently never heard from again.  If you want to look further, check out my website at - look at the Norwood files especially the "Pedigree - Family Group Sheet" file.


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Hi Lyn,
I am jumping on the band wagon again as one of the surnames coming through for the 9 branches on the McArthur lineage is Campbell.  I ask you as well as another researcher.  Has any of your Campbell males been Ydna tested with familytreedna.  I have two sons and their father tested. One son and his father have  Y111 nine men including the Campbell is still there.I will need to look which location but most are from the Caithness and Sunderland area.  Duncan and Peter are used as sons by our Bounty Immigrant John McArthur who we too are having trouble with.  A DNA test all male line would help but alos autosomal.  We have tests with ancestrycom as well as My Heritage for the autosomal tests also Family Finder and  YDNA with Familytreedna.  It will close the gap a little. I will take a lootk later and see which area the Campbell comes from.  If you have tested and dont match with us that is the answer though isnt it?
Edie McArthur
Edie McArthur

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Well, I'm behind the eight ball here - my guess that someone has requested a roll call, so I'll add my Scottish brick wall.

My 3rd great grandfather is Duncan Campbell - is there a more common Scottish name?  He arrived in the US around 1800 with a wife, Christiana and daughter Katherine.  I have researched him extensively for years and have found not a whiff of information about his origins other than "Scotland" - not even in his naturalization information.  I went to Scotland - and spent a great deal of time on Scotland's people looking for christening or other family documents that might give me a clue.  Based solely on the given names - I finally decided that he came from the Killin area in Perthshire.  I found a letter from a Peter Campbell about son Duncan (Duncan's oldest son was named Peter) in the Scottish archives in Edinburgh complaining about to the laird about the misappropriation of land.  The family ended up in Radnor, Delaware, OH after stops in Pennsylvania and Licking Co, OH.  This is probably TMI but I'm always hoping that something will ring a bell with someone.

Lynne Roberts
Roseville, CA

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