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Ken Harrison

Very interesting, Anne.  Thank you.

So that’s where the name Cardwell came from.  I know, from reading the microfilmed census, that the name “Cardwell Co.” was on each page in the space for “county”, so perhaps it was not fictional, just impermanent.



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Thanks, Ken for clarifying that. Maybe they wanted to name a township for Cardwell and almost used it instead of Peel and then when Muskoka opened up in the 1868 they used Cardwell for a township in Muskoka.


I just had so many questions in my head when I saw Cardwell & Caledon in the same location. Names of places changed so often as Canada West, Upper Canada, Ontario grew and developed over the years. Keeping track of the dates when names changed is a big part of doing genealogy in Ontario.

I assumed it was in Peel because this is where so many immigrants stopped for a year or two while looking for land and obtaining the paperwork.


PS. Peel was probably a priority as he was the UK Prime Minister at the time

Viscount Cardwell was minister for the colonies in the Peel cabinet at the time.


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Check on the Canadian Census site.  About 40 years ago I learned that “Cardwell Co.” (not Cardwell Twp.) as used in this census was a fictional County and the location was actually in Peel County.  I don’t remember why this was done, or whether it was an error, but the fiction was consistent throughout that census for that area.

The actual home was in Caledon Twp, Peel Co., and nowhere near Muskoka.


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