Re: Marriage record - Mull

John Kemplen

I agree with Anne that it says Inivey (a.k.a. Inivea), a long-deserted township south west of Cruach Sleibh and north of Calgary Bay.  I was looking for a place of that name in the Dervaig / Calgary area yesterday but couldn't find it because on the maps I was using it only appears fleetingly at certain zoom levels (not the highest levels!).  It is not named on the OS six-inch map of 1896 and only appears there as two building outlines (a small fraction of the original number of buildings), so it would appear to have been abandoned for some years by then.


On 22/01/2021 14:38, Seymour Hosking wrote:

This shows the marriage of my wife's ancestors in Mull. "John McIlphadrig in ? and Janet Campbell ?? married" (14th August 1792).

Help with the words where I have put question marks would be great. The words after Janet's name might be "after proclamations" (of banns). Presumably the other word is where John lives, although I thought he lived in Penmore.

Thanks! Seymour


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