Re: Marriage record - Mull

Goldie & Lido Doratti

Further.........check the whole page out..jut above the one you want it looks like he is living where there are McGregor alias names......could he also be one?  Goldie

From: Seymour Hosking
Sent: Friday, January 22, 2021 6:38 AM
Subject: [ScotGen] Marriage record - Mull

This shows the marriage of my wife's ancestors in Mull. "John McIlphadrig in ? and Janet Campbell ?? married" (14th August 1792).

Help with the words where I have put question marks would be great. The words after Janet's name might be "after proclamations" (of banns). Presumably the other word is where John lives, although I thought he lived in Penmore.

Thanks! Seymour

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