Peter Hastings 1902-1953


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My husband’s Scottish relations are mostly from Roxburgh and Stirlingshire.

A great uncle Peter Hastings was brutally murdered at work, and his body found by his son. It seems very likely that the man accused was a scapegoat.

I did look at Peter’s murder some years ago now, but seem to have failed to properly organise the paper record, and now can not locate information on my old computer.

I particular I have half of a newspaper report from the Falkirk Herald of11th Nov 1953 page 10 but the initial part of the report was page 7 which I do not have. I don’t now recall whether I got this when I had a subscription to the British Newspaper Archive or if someone from the local rootsweb group obtained it for me.  If anyone has access to the archives or this newspaper, I would be grateful if they could find page 7 for me. The Article was entitled,” Murder Enquiry Verdict!”


For others from that area who may be interested in my husband’s family lines they are: Hastings and Stephenson, and Dickson and Middlemas/Middlemiss. The latter two both originated in the Roxburgh area, with later generations moving to Falkirk for work.

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