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Ken Harrison

It was indeed a farm, in the south of the island, and where several generations of my ancestry lived, from at least the late 1700s to mid 1800s.  They were tenant farmers and there were several families living and working on the farm at any given time.  Mine left for Canada in mid 1800s, while cousins stayed on Islay to the present time.
My lot were mainly McNabb (various spellings) and McVoran (various spellings, and anglicized in the early 1800s by some family groups to Morrison).  At least one branch in Ontario married a Young (perhaps yours).  I don’t have my data open right now, and seem to be a bit tied up with another event, but would be interested in pursuing this with you later.
Merry Christmas and a Vaccinated New Year!
Ken Harrison
Vancouver, Canada

On Dec 24, 2020, at 5:58 PM, Donald Young <donaldandkaren@...> wrote:

Hi all;

I have ancestors who lived at Ballicatrigan on the island of Islay in the 1790's.  I presume this is the name of a farm. Has anyone researched the name, and/or prepared a history of settlement there?
Thank you.

Donald Young

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