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Goldie & Lido Doratti

Yes, nice find.....I’m wondering if someone wrote “Chief....” on it implying he was the eldest of the family in the USA......most of us would say Matriarch of the family, but maybe someone else had a different thought........  Just trying to think outside the box..maybe it was
all in jest?  He looks like he has been well fed and is a healthy sort.  Goldie

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I can't help, but I wanted to say, what an amazing photograph!  I hope you figure out who it is.
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I received this photo from a relative's estate.  Any suggestions for identifying this mystery man?  The photo is quite small: slightly less than 2" x 4" and it's printed on photographic paper not a thick card.  It probably dates from the late 1800s to early 1900s.  The photo is marked "Chief Hugh Fraser," but representatives of Clan Fraser and Clan Fraser of Lovat have told me he is not one of their people.  One suggestion was the tartan looked like McKenzie.  If it helps, my family was mainly from Glasgow, Dumbfries-shire, and Renfrewshire.  Their surnames were Fletcher, Richardson, and Graham.  Many thanks.

Barbara from California

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