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Edie Mc

Hi Morag,

I have  no idea where in Scotland (Islay or elsewhere) our McArthur’s are from other than Scotland. I know where our Johns wife came from in Scotland or at least where she was born and her parents birthplace, that was in Cambuslang in Lanarkshire and a some time Isabella Stevenson his wife went to Cathcart, Renfrew in1850 after giving birth to a daughter who remained in Cambuslang, with her grandparents, John Stevenson and his wife Christina Stevenson nee Ormiston.  The daughters name was Christina Stevenson Campbell, whose father was William Campbell. Christina married Robert Black at Campsie, Stirlingshire and she sadly died aged 28 a mother of four in Campsie, Stirlingshire.  John and Isabella were in Cathcart in 1856 at the time of their marriage banns, but married in Cambuslang.  So Cathcart is the last known place before leaving Scotland for Tasmania as Bounty Immigrants.


It is really frustrating as we have all we need for he Stevenson family and getting on ith the Ormiston family even the descendants of the Black family, but all DNA results for two of my three sons and their father are more leaning towards the McDonalds, with one each of of Campbell, McNeil, Carmichael, McKay, Munro.  The McDonald location are in the Caithness area.  The Carmichael in Lismore ad there is one for Sutherland. John hasn’t left any clues even though he didn’t die until 1910. If we had a birthday it would be different.  We haven’t one McArthur hit. All we know is he was born in Scotland from his death certificate. On his marriage certificate it just gives Duncan McArthur has his father and Margaret Smith as his mother. No baptism for him or marriage for his parents and no other child  born to that couple.  I have been hoping for a half sibling to even parent.  We have several matches for folk that ancestry say  we are related but to date none of those are coming up with shared matches on My second son has done up to a Bigy700, doesn’t help at all that I can see though.


As you said though Morag about allotments being n the edge of tow, that was like it was as we had a  bedsit a kilometre from Uxbridge, where the train station began and ended.





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Hi Edie,


Allotments in the UK tend to be at the edge of a town, all grouped together. I think what you described behind houses would be just back gardens being put to good use.


Did you know that there is a specific Islay group? Islay@Scotland-Genealogy.


Best wishes, Morag







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