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John Kemplen

Sorry to drip-feed information.  I have asked on the "Old Islay" Facebook site what at "lot" is in this context and was directed to this web page:

It did not display correctly on my browser (pictures covering text).  I could find the text by selecting the page and copying it into Word.  In case you have the same problem, here is the relevant text from that page:
"The system of crofting as we know it today began to take shape as a result of the Highland Clearances. A crofting township was made up of several families who worked the same croft land. Land was allocated by a 'run-rig' system which meant that each crofter was given strips of land. These strips were reallocated annually to ensure that the good and the bad land was shared equally. This system did not encourage improvement of the soil and was replaced by a 'lot' system where each crofter was given his own individual lot of land. The lots were kept deliberately small by landlords so that the tenants would be forced to take on additional work for the landlord."



On 19/12/2020 23:30, John Kemplen wrote:

Hello Glynn

The place east of Bowmore is, a believe, usually known as Dluich.  I have never seen anywhere else beginning with "Dl" and I have no idea how to say it, but there it is.

The place your people came from is south of Bowmore.  Duich is on the A846 ("the Low Road") where it crosses the Duich River, and Duich Lots (or Lotts) is about a mile east of there, just over half way to the B8016 ("the High Road") and a little way north of Loch Dhomhnull.  It is still named on good maps, but nobody lives there any more.  You can see some rather sad pictures of some of the abandoned cottages there if you follow this link:

There are a few other places called Lotts or Lots in that area - Glenegedale Lots, Glenegedalemoor Lots, Glenmachrie Lots - all on very peaty land between Bowmore and Port Ellen.  I do not know what the term means, but it seems to relate to outlying land associated with the place with the name without "Lotts" after it, often rather poor land at that.

I have found that the best website for finding very detailed modern maps of Scotland is Canmore.  Start here:
and zoom in on Islay.  Because it is really meant for finding sites of historical interest the detail can be obscured by blue blobs marking the sites.  To get rid of them, just go to the menu inset into the top right corner of the map, click on "Canmore" and then on the "Search Results" box.

I hope this helps.  If you still have difficulty finding the location or have other Islay-related questions, do not hesitate to ask.



On 19/12/2020 20:58, Glynn Currie wrote:

Both my paternal grandparents were born on Islay. I have been told about the Island ever since I was very young. Grampa was John Currie, born in 1879 at Duich Lotts. His father was Donald Currie and his mother was Catherine McFadyen.
I would like to locate the farm where he was born and learn a bit about it. On an old map of Islay that I found on the internet I can see two places named Duich. One is located close to Bowmore, a little north and east. The other is located south and east of Bowmore, near the present day airport.
Would anyone know anything about these two locations which would allow me to learn which place was my grandfather's home?


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