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Glynn Currie

Thanks once again John.

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Hi Glynn

The link that Diane gave you is a good one which accurately describes Duich Lots as a group of agricultural holdings.  In English terminology it might be described as a hamlet, but it would not qualify as a village and certainly not as a town.  The agricultural holdings would not have been large enough to warrant the name "farm".  I think a collection of crofts might be the nearest thing to an accurate description.

The Zoopla reference is from a highly automated modern property database, and I am afraid that in this case it may be rather misleading in including the word "Duich".  The location marked on the Zoopla map is NOT Duich or Duich Lots.  It is in an area that Islay folk may call just "the Lotts".  I believe the unnamed road that it refers to is probably the road from Glenegedale on the A846 up to the B8016 between Glenegedale Lots and Glenegedalemoor Lots.  That road does indeed have several occupied houses on it, but the area is very unlikely to have ever been thought of as Duich or Duich Lots.  No buildings on Duich Lots are inhabited and they are all in a ruined state; they would not feature in a modern property database.



On 20/12/2020 06:43, Glynn Currie wrote:
Thanks Edie. That is interesting. Might have to break open the old piggy bank to rebuy the old farm!🤔

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There is also a house sale at Duich, Lotts. Islay, Scotland It is situated on an un named road with 15 houses on it.  Could be where your ancestor lived in one of  the fifteen houses.



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A question that has just occured to me after reading John's reply: Would Duich Lotts be a name that applied to a group of several farms developed near one another, or would it be a single farm worked by one family? Would it be termed a croft?






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