Just a clarification - all children of a woman have her mtDNA, no matter the sex of the child. So XY people can do 3 tests; XX people can do two. Unless there is specific interest in the paternal line, the autosomal test at Ancestry gives the best value for money, IMO.

That said, the only male in the line -- if there are funds, go for Big Y. If not, Y 37 and you can always upgrade later. Siblings will generally match on mtDNA, match about 50% on autosomal tests, brothers will match on Y. So having all the siblings do au tests is extremely valuable if you can't test the parents. The Big Y results will grow in value over time, as more men test. -v

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On 19/12/20 6:12 pm, Bob Elder via wrote:
> *If my eldest sister was to her DNA done would it be any different than
> mine, or would she have the same markers as myself just a thought as
> there is no other male line in the family.*
> **
> *Thank Bob*

Hello, Bob.

I am the Project Administrator for the Busby name project at .

I am no expert, but, the following may be helpful.

At, for males, they have the Y-DNA test series, and
the Family Finder test, and, for females, they have the mtDNA test and
the Family Finder test. These are not the only genealogical DNA tests
that they offer, but, I believe that they are the most useful and helpful

The Y-DNA test, tests for matches, along the patrilineal line (father,
father's father, father's father's father, etc, etc, etc.

The Y-DNA test is applicable to the Y chromosome, and, males have
(mostly) the XY chromosome combination (apparently, XXY and XYY
chromosome combinations can exist, but, this is not the place for going
into that part of biology).

The mtDNA test traces the X chromosome , and females have (mostly) the
XX chromosome combination (apparently, the XXX chromosome combination,
also exists, but, once again, this is not the place for going into that
part of biology)

The mtDNA test, tests for matches along the matrilineal line (mother,
mother's mother, mother's mother's mother, etc, etc, etc).

The Family Finder test is an autosomal test, that tests for possible
ancestral relationships of both genders, from what I understand, going
back to five generations, and, returns results indicating possible
relationships ("This match may be a third to fifth cousin" kind of
matches) for both sexes.

What I recommend to people, is that, males, undergo the 37 marker Y-DNA
test and the Family Finder test, and, females, undergo the Family Finder
test, and, doing this, through a name project, and, once the test
results are returned, joining as many applicable name and geographic
projects, as can be found (so as to aid in finding possible matches
within those projects), the same as I recommend for joining genealogical
mailing lists.

Regarding geographic genealogical DNA projects, a number exist, for
Scotland, and for the UK, at . These can be useful
both for finding possible relatives, and, for tracing ancestral movements.

So, I recommend that anyone who is researching genealogy relating to
Scotland, and, who has  had genealogy DNA testing,
done, should join the Scotland geographical DNA projects, in addition to
name projects, to make the research more comprehensive.

Also, out of interest, have discounted offers on their
genealogical DNA tests, at present, until 27 December.

I hope that this information is helpful.

Bret Busby
West Australia
-- - pronouns: she/her

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