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Yes the marriage data is correct.Robert Elliott is Agnes' Father and her Mother was Euphemia Tudhope. I do not know who Robert born 1722 parents were. The Robert Tudhope was a bailer in Selkirk which I believe  was a law officer of some sort. The naming patterns for that time would indicate Roberts Gfather may also be a Robert as his first male child was named that but died. The Grandmother Euphemia would mean the child Euphemia was called after her.Thank you for the site to email too.

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I checked any the time I viewed for that but saw no others. I just looked at an old map of Roxburgshire. Roberts bible said all his children were born in Bowden. Askirk is very close and there was a Hundalee close which could be Hunlie I suspect. The old writing is not clear on my documents but the spelling is sometimes anyone's guess as well. It also showed a Kirk at Ashkirk which probably is the Kirk in the documents. In Scotland I believe the name was spelled Thomson but in the US all but one son used Thompson. He was also a Robert and a Methodist preacher in WA. D.C. in the early 1800's.

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If you can go back and re-read the film..take down all the THOMpSON and Elliot families you can may find someone around the same time period who is related......then work with that person and see what you get.  Maybe nothing, but it’s worth the shot.  I have seen TOMSON spelling as with any/all spellings you can come up with.  But DO go back over the film.  It’s a hard go, I admit, but easy to miss a detail.  Could HUNLIE, be HUNTLY?  Goldie
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These are from the associated churches microfilm I ordered in and viewed and copied at my local LDS church.

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Midlem, August 15th.,1762
Robert Thomson and Agnes Elliott his wife in Midlestead in the parish of Selkirk hade a child baptized at Midlem on the Lords day before the congregation by all, Andrew Arnett Minister of the gospel in the associated congregation of Midlem. The child, name Euphans.(Euphemia as shown in the family bible of Robert Thomson)

May 15,1765 (Huntlie or Hunlie)

Robert Thomson and Agnes Elliott, his wife in Howdenhawgh in the parish of Ashkirk hade a child baptized at Hunlie before the congregation by minister Andrew Arnott in the associate congregation of Midlem. The childs name Andrew.

Andrews baptism in the parish of Ashkirk? This town is hard to make out but I believe it to be Ashkirk. There are no other names mentioned but the above.

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