Re: Thomson/Thompson in the Borders of Scotland.

Anne Burgess

That sounds like good evidence. Though I am puzzled because I cannot find the baptism of Euphemia Thom(p)son on FS or in the IGI. Which Associate Church was it, and do the baptisms list names of witnesses, the parents' residence, or Robert's occupation?

I would not recommend Ancestry for Scottish research, as they only have a small proportion of the available Scottish records, and much of what they have is in the form of transcriptions or indexes, rather than original documents. Some of their transcriptions are notorious for their .... er .... creative spelling of personal and place names.

FamilySearch, and especially the International Genealogical Index, can be very useful in providing pointers to the original information, but again it has mainly transcriptions and indexes, and (regrettably) has mixed the indexes from original sources with some very unreliable information from dubious sources. It also sometimes makes potentially misleading assumptions, for example that a man is aged 25 and a woman 21 at marriage, or that people were born in their parish of marriage, or in the same parish as their children.

The best source for Scottish records is which has instant access to digital images of most of the surviving Scottish records. It's pay-per-view but modestly priced. Though as you have discovered you can go to any Family History Centre run by the LDS Church and arrange to rent the microfilms any of the records indexed on FS or in the IGI.

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