Re: Thomson/Thompson in the Borders of Scotland.


Thank you to all who have sent what help you could. I do appreciate any and all even if it isn't my line.Sometimes one can find a small tidbit even in a mostly incorrect tree. I do not have a tree on ancestry or any site as yet. I want to be sure of facts before I do that and at the moment I don't have Ancestry but plan to. I found the baptisms of Andrew and Euphemia through familysearch. I don't recall the exact title now, but it was records of the Associated Churches in Scotland. The Thompsons belonged to an associated Church at that time. I ordered in the film and went to my local LDS Church to view them. Those two were the only children I found. They were the youngest of the children so perhaps before them the parents were not in the associated church. A distant family member has the senior Robert Thomsons bible which lists Robert and Agnes births and marriage dates and the childrens names and dates of birth.After arriving in the U.S. I believe they may have settled in Virginia and Fairfax Co. I haven't proof of where exactly just tidbits of data here and there. I do know some were in Richland, Va. in the early 1800's. One tree stated Robert Thompson died in Edgar Co.,Illinois in 1810. That is interesting and some of his children did remove to there, but we have no proof Robert did or that he even immigrated. As to the marriage records shown for Robert and Agnes we have those. Only William Scot is shown as a witness for Robert. A guess is he is a friend or cousin,of Roberts. I have used America loosely in some posts as I am not sure of the dates of immigration. In the Georgetown area of WA. D.C. the sons we are sure immigrated were either saddlers or cabinet makers. I hope some of this makes sense, I hope to answer some of the questions that were asked and again to thank you all for the time you spent on this.

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