Thomson/Thompson in the Borders of Scotland.

Josephine Conray

Hi Robert


I am sorry that the information that I sent was incorrect, I was only going by what you had posted and what I found on Ancestry. As I said there were 220 family trees I did not go through them all but I did looked at about 30 of them and they all had the same information.

If I answer a post it is up to them to check the source or corrected errors not me. It might be a load of junk, as this has be indicated to, or they may find something that breaks downs walls, then that has to be good no matter what source it come from.




The two web sites I sent were not family trees but Find a Grave site that had a biro on each person, but they both came from the one Family tree.



If you think Robert did married Agnes Elliot and Andrew parents then these records are from Scotland People showing the two marriage of Robert Thomson from Bowden and Agnes Elliott from Selkirk. You should get these two records to see if it shows their Parents to them both.







Qld Aust.


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