Re: How many people on this list are r1b1c7


Hi Diane -- the Islay group is a "subgroup" of this one. If you login to the main site at you can see all the subgroups on the menu on the left. Everyone in a subgroup is also a member of the main group, but the opposite is not true. 

If you write to it will go only to members of Islay. 

If you write to it goes to all of us.

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On Sat, Dec 12, 2020 at 6:37 PM <tsinclair@...> wrote:
Hi Diane,
It's nice to hear from you!  I did try to re-join the new Islay list, but it didn't work, and I suddenly started getting these messages.  I'd like to be on both now.  Do you know what went wrong?

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