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Edie Mc

Hi Bob,

It can be disappointing after paying out so much money to have your DNA tested only to find you are not who you thought you were.  I have this experience twice now.  At 70, I paid for my brothers  DNA. Did the Y67 marker and found heaps of names too many,   but not the PLACE surname I was after. Left it for a few years then did my own with ancestry and got this large cm match but not with PLACE  but with BARTON (they go back to Scotland and Ireland) Colonel William Robert BARTON and also a match with his wife Ann BOGUES (Ireland) I was looking for a great grandfather, my match was a match with a gt gt grandfather W R BARTON. My Gt GF  was one of their seven sons, not sure which one but at least I had found a common ancestors, albeit if a different name.  Also I had my daughters DNA tested on ancestry for her fathers line, then had his tested on Family Tree DNA no sign of the MCARTHUR name.  Like you several other Clan surnames, updated to Y111 just nine men with four names the main one McDonald/MacDonald along with one  McKay, Carmichael, Campbell, McNeil.  Most were from the Caithness, Scotland region. Having also done a Test for my former husband noted thirteen McDonalds 6 of whom ancestry say his DNA showed he was related.  I did write to them all but no reply, but the fact it is clear he  doesn’t to date. have McARTHUR DNA.  But, on Family Tree DNA it is a 8 step match which is only a possible relationship, so we need a 7 step for a definite relationship.  The closest relationship match on FTDNA is 0 steps, whereas on ancestry it is the other way round. On we had as low as 7cm and still be a firm match. I have good  trees up on both Family Tree DNA and The surnames are especially needed when you or your match sees unfamiliar surnames. We have many in the form of spouses names that can come up and the name indexes created by your trees  will assist in matching these unfamiliar names to yours, or their tres when making a search in the matches trees.


My second son then had a My Heritage, a Big Y (that gives you the 12,25, 37, 67 and the Big Y, but expensive and doesn’t define the Y111 DNA marker any further. The Big Y is for the experts, which most of us are not, many are I am sure and may understand it.


I had my oldest sons Y67 and updated to Y111 as well  and joined them  up to Arthur Project, Scottish Project, Vikings, Australian Settlers, Australian Citizens, Scandanavian and Germanic Projects. Apart form the Arthur project, they only match each other at 0 steps. While FamilytreeDNA are the largest of the companies that do YDNA, they are still very small databases and we need other men t o do the All male YDNA with familytreedna. At least it is a lot clearer if you have one of those oops or for whatever other reason the name is not what you expected, then is is more evident on familytredna than  You need both to compliment each other.  Maybe you could do an ancestryocm test too Bob and you will maybe get a Large CM count you were not expecting like me. Then go bck to your match on Familytreedna as they may be on there but meant nothing to you when you first saw them. Upgrade to Y111 and the surnames will be reduced and you get a better picture.


Best Wishes

Edie McArthur


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I had my DNA 67 markers carried out a few years ago with Family Tree DNA group. The only hits I got were McCleland clan, &  few of others but none of the Elder family the family I’m after. Will it be worth trying again or will I be throwing good money after bad?






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