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Thank you! Those two researchers might be a big help to me. I so appreciate it.

The MacQuarry in Australia that is famous is Lachlan MacQuarry and he is actually called the father of Australia. He was the governor of New South Wales and helped establish many townships and a lot of the roadways and city/town layout/infrastructures. I don’t remember him being kidnapped and taken there, but I could’ve missed that part of his story. I just thought he was assigned the post of governor win great Britain took control of Australia. Either way, I have found no links to him yet, but we shall see! Happening upon interesting stories and famous relatives would be fun.

Again, thank you so much for your response and for sending me those two contacts. I look forward to reaching out to them.

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Hi there,
I'm new to this particular list, but was on an Islay list for many years.  Together, members put together a lot of Islay information, including one page with Surnames and corresponding researchers.  Here are a couple of other researchers you might be able to contact:
McQUARRIE     Pat McCabe mccabe@...
McQUARY Leorin? New York, 1739 Gerry Lindsay lindsay@...

I was in Australia some years ago, and I remember reading about a MacQuarrie who became very famous there.  But oddly, there was a similar story about him being kidnapped and taken there.  You could also google "Clan MacQuarrie" and find all sorts of interesting links there.
For those of you with other Islay interests, just google "Rootsweb + Islay", and you'll find a gold mine of information by clicking on various links.  Good luck,
Toni Sinclair, Canada  (tracing all Islay Sinclairs)

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