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·       I'm not too sure how to post so thought I would try by replying to Bret's post - advice would be appreciated. My interests are as follows:
          WAUGH – in Castleton, Newcastleton, Stapleton
·         BALLENTINE – Castleton, Newcastleton
·         FORRESTER - Stapleton
·         BROWN – Rockcliffe
·         JOHNSTONE – Rockcliffe, Blackford, Stapleton
·         RICHARDSON, NIXON – Blackford...
·         TURNBULL – Brampton – Scotland
·         LITTLE – Langholm
·         ARMSTRONG – Lanercost –
·         FLETCHER - Lanercost
·         DAVIDSON – Langholm, Castleton, Brampton
...and more.  The above list is completed in haste I will update in the near future, having visited Castleton, Newcastleton, Langholm, Rockcliffe etc last summer will be concentrating on the Waugh and Ballentine and border families this year.  We have only been able to get back to a Thomas WAUGH and Christon Ballentine in Castleton/Newcastleton late 1700’s .  We went to the local Museum in Newcastleton and  a very knowledgeable curator, Anne, could tell us where they lived when their children were born from the places on the baptism page.  Tales of Bothies and how big they were to how Castleton moved to Newcastleton,  a lovely place.
Jane Williams

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