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Hi Howard

Trying to reply just to you as this is Ayrshire not Islay, but not sure if I’ve done it right! 

I have an ancestor (6th great grandmother) with name either Christine or Cathrine McQueensy/McQueenzie who married James Clerk & had children in New Cumnock, Ayrshire. I haven’t found a baptism for her – and don’t know if she was born in Ayrshire.  I had wondered if the name might be a variation on McKenzie, so I was interested in your suggestion it could be McWhinnie, so thank you for that!


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Thank you! This is helpful. 

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Re MacQuarrie/MacQueaghrie, my line goes back to McQuarrie but in Ayrshire, not Islay (despite years of trying!). But there are variations you might like to look out for.

- McWharrie is the main predecessor of my McQuarrie line - the transformation from McWharrie to McQuarrie can be seen in the same people over their lifetimes. My earliest ancestor is John McWharrie then McQuarrie & Kathrine Campbell who were in New Cumnock, Ayshire abt 1767 on. A variation on the variation is Wharrie.

- McQueenzey (I assume pronounced mac-queeny, silent 'z'), which is close to McQuhenzie which itself is a variation of McWhinnie. This baptismal record might simply be a clerical error because McWhinnie was a lot more common in the parish than McWharrie, but there it is in 1775 in the OPR so cannot just be ignored.

Of course, my McQuarries might have been McWharries in the first place who came from somewhere else. But appearing in Ayrshire with a Campbell wife, and with recurring forenames of Flora and Colin and Lachlan, does rather indicate McQuarrie Islay / Ulva origins.

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