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Dee, can you tell us what advantage CGI offers? That test has no value for genealogy research. 

Ancestry + 23andMe is a great idea, since you can upload results elsewhere with either of those (Family Tree DNA, MyHeritage, LivingDNA, Gedmatch, Geneanet). His Y DNA at Family Tree DNA can be useful as well and while you're at it, add on a mitochondrial test, since you and he have the same mtDNA. In my opinion, have him do the Big Y if you can afford it. I think both that and the mt tests will become increasingly useful as more people do them. - Valorie

On Fri, Dec 11, 2020 at 10:35 PM Dee Horn via <> wrote:
According to my DNA my family has lots of Scots in the family.  My brother is the only surviving male from my father and mothers line.  I am trying to get him to do a DNA test thru CGI, also Ancestry & 23 and me.  He also has 2 surviving sons who are not intrested in being tested and the only reason my brother is interested is because myself and my daughters have lots of medical problems  so he said he will do it for me, Has only taken me 10 years to talk him into it.  The nearest family i have found is 1st cousin 7x removed after that there is some 3rd and several 4th

I put back what i can each month then hit them up when they go on sale.  I still need to update mine and get 4 more people done.

Dee Horn
My DNA makes Heinz 57 Look poor lol as to Countriesi have ancestors in
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