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I haven’t had my DNA tested (for genealogy, anyway - I did have genetic testing due to a breast cancer diagnosis 6 years ago). So I’m afraid I can’t help. However, my dad and I are having difficulty getting info on my 6th grandfather born in Islay and I wondered if you had any tips on research in that specific area outside of Scotland’s People and church records. He was kidnapped at 9 years old on an Islay beach and came to the US through NY 10 years later (1761). There are no birth records we can find, so we don’t know his parents’ names. Only that his dad was a MacQuarrie/MacQueaghrie that died in Scotland in 1746 at the age of 26. No first name known, no wife known. :( Any info on researching for Islay would be helpful!

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I know next to nothing about genetics other then I was a parent of a child with Cystic Fibrosis. Unfortunately she died many years ago at 7 years of age.


I have had my DNA tested and of course I am a carrier of CF as as is my husband of CF, my other children are also carriers of CF.


 I know I am 60 % Scottish ( My dad was born in Islay. I know I am 20% Irish. My Great grandmother was born in Port Rush Ireland and her name was Elizabeth Rush. The other portions is European.


What I don t know is how this all works together. Any one have some educational materials they can recommend?




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