Re: Four webinars about Scottish research

Doreen Hale

I agree!   Interesting comments as I noticed at the beginning when the map was shown,  he said Gaelic was on the West side [and the map was circled on the West], Northumbrian was on the South-East [and the map was circled on the South-East] next was shown the Cumbric/Cumbrian said to be mostly on the South-West [and the map was circled on the South-East].

At this point he totally lost me and I switched it off, pondering his own accent and nationality and wondering how many more errors there may be should I continue to listen.  

He had started off by saying he "was going to slaughter the Gaelic expressions” which half lost me to begin with!  

On 5/12/2020, at 10:57 PM, Anne Burgess via <anne.genlists@...> wrote:

As a Scot, I find it patronising and faintly offensive that language I and my friends use regularly is described as 'weird'.

Apart from the expression 'och aye' which is only ever used to mock those who think that we go around saying 'och aye' all the time.


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