Re: Research help on Thomas Gray, Lord Provost of Aberdeen in 1645


Hi Josephine

Thanks for that, it pretty much confirms all I have discovered so far.

Scotlands People records show a marriage of Thomas Gray and Isobell Farquer and you can also find all their children there. Working back from her oldest child birth date and her marriage in 1630, suggests she was born around 1610. The book, Memorials of the aldermen, provosts, and Lord provosts of Aberdeen confirms that Thomas's father was Patrick Gray and also that he was married to Isobell Farquar. The book also confirms all their children that I found on Scotlands People. 

The tree from my DNA match is the USA is confirmed back to the above Thomas Gray and this being the period of our common ancestor. My line also goes back to Thomas Gray at the same time, however, this one has a different wife. The marriages and baptisms in both lines are documented in St Nicholas, Aberdeen. 

My inquiries now are to try and find out if Thomas had two wives as Isobell was 35 years younger than Thomas and was perhaps the second wife. My line could then be a result of a first marriage.

Its a theory. I spend my time reading old historical accounts of Aberdeen at that time. I find all the names above but not yet the connections. I really need a time machine.




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