Research help on Thomas Gray, Lord Provost of Aberdeen in 1645



Thanks to a DNA match with someone else researching Gray in Aberdeen we both have moved a bit further back in time.

I am now researching a possible common ancestor Thomas Gray, born in Aberdeen 1576, d 1658.  He was a Lord Provost of Aberdeen around 1645 and the information in the records of Aberdeen Lord Provosts match the documents in Scotland’s People regarding his parents, wife and children at that time.

He married Isobell Farquheir in 1630 and they had a number of children, possibly eight.  Isobell was 35 years younger than Thomas which suggests there could have been an earlier wife and children.

I would really like to discover if he had an earlier wife and it would be great to hear from anyone else researching this line. It would complete a puzzle and confirm a theory.


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