Re: Who held Knockdolian Castle before the GRAHAMS of Wallacetown?

Dee Horn

This gives you lots of info on the castle and it says the MacCubbins inproved the land.

Put it in my castles etc folder for reading later

Dee Horn

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Hi Kelly.


What an interesting family to have come from, I bet you had fund researching them.


I have added two web sites the first will show that the DeMorvilles  family seem to be the first landholder.


And the second site is on the Graham Clan. You should try and email them they will give all the information.



Hope this helps


Qld Aust.







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Subject: [ScotGen] Who held Knockdolian Castle before the GRAHAMS of Wallacetown?


Hello, all!!

I am a descendent, I believe, of Walter GRAHAM "of Wallacetown", youngest-son of William GRAHAM "of Kincardine & Old Montrose" and Mariota STEWART, Countess of Angus, daughter of 
King Robert III of Scotland and Annabella DRUMMOND. Walter "of Wallacetown" is recorded as having married the heiress of Knockdolian Castle, in Ayrshire. My question is:

Who were the holders of Knockdolian before the GRAHAMS?

Thank you for any help given :)

Kelly Paul GRAHAM.

Kelly Paul Graham

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