Re: Elizabeth BLAIRE, wife of Andrew GRAHAM "of Wallacetown"

Josephine Conray

Hi Kelly


There are some 225 Family trees on Ancestry for this family.  I have had a look at a few but they do not show Elizabeth Blair parents.  I do not know how much information you have on the family, I do not want to be writing lots of info if you have got it already so let me know what you want and will look.


Elizabeth Blair born 1453 at Blair House Dalry, Ayrshire

Andrew Graham of Wallacetown, Scot b 1455 Ayrshire and died before 1521 at Knockdolian Castel Ayrshire

Their son Gilbert Graham b 1494 Knockdolin Castle and died 1532 Knockdolin Castle Ayrshire. Married Mariot Cathcart of Glendoeis in 1519


I will have a look at more of the family to see if anyone has Elizabeth Parents.




Qld Aust.

























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Hello, all :)

I am looking for the birth-family of Elizabeth BLAIR, wife of Andrew GRAHAM "of Wallacetown", and mother of Gilbert GRAHAM "of Knockdolian" (killed in 1547). To which family of BLAIR did Elizabeth belong?

Thank you for any help given.
Kelly Paul Graham

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