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Hi Anne,

Thank you for taking the time to look at the baptism record for John Mackay i see it the same as you now, is always good to have another set of eyes to look at things.



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Hi Ray

Looks like Hiltown to me. Definitely not an M at the beginning of it.

I see a Hilton between Redcastle and Muir of Ord andткл=57.51272&lon=-4.42572&layers=5&b=1 which is in the parish of Urray. This would fit with the baptism record but not obviously with John saying he was born at Redcastle.

Though I see from the 1855 valuation roll that Colonel Baillie who was the proprietor of Redcastle was also the proprietor of Tarradale, which is in the parish of Urray immediately next to Redcastle which is in the parish of Killearnan. Hilton is part of the estate of Tarradale.


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