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Good morning Anne,

Yes i have the original baptism record which states John Mackay was born on the 6th of January 1779 and baptised on the 9th of January 1779 in Urray
 also gives the names of the parents Duncan Mackay and Margaret Fraser his spouse no witnesses also states where he was born but i cant make it out properly as there seems to be some of the place name missing, all  i can make out is HILLO????



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I would not dismiss the baptism in Urray which is the right year and parents.There are several Redcastles in Scotland. One of these is on the north shore of the Beauly Firth in the county of Ross and Cromarty. It is in the parish of Killearnan, and is a mile or so from the boundary of the parish of Killearnan with the parish of Urray. He could have been born in a cottage belonging to Redcastle estate which happens to be in the parish of Urray, or his parents may have been normally resident in the parish of Urray but he was born at his mother's parents' home in the parish of Killearnan, or the minister of Killearnan was away or ill and they had to take the baby to the next parish for baptism, or some other reason.

Have you looked at the original baptism record to see what it says?

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