Re: John Mackay Problem ..............



Libindx has 2 entries for him, but not much more info in them - take from the death notice in the 3 different papers

It is possible that the son didn't know his grandparent full names and Fraser might not be his grandmother's maiden name. Have you looked at Naming Patterns for his choldren and any Middle Names? Also witnesses on baptism could be brothers or sisters of John and their deaths may show up different parents.

Other things to consider is John might *think* he was born in Redcastle because that is all he remembered, but actually born in Uray. Was the mother born in Uray and went home to her mother for his birth? Is it possible that Duncan Mackay and Margaret Fraser are John's Grandparent and not parents? 29 years would fit that. What children did they have that could be John's parent? Did they have a John, who then had this John?

Sorry not much help there, just more questions and possiblities.

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