Re: Searching for John McLeod

Claude Hanson

Meg and Anne -
Thanks for your help reminding me how to find Donald Ross's baptism record.  I printed it and it says " 22nd  Aug John Ross, farmer at Heathfield had by his spouse Christy Munro a child baptised named Don'd.  Witnesses David Miller and John Bain   born 21st".  In my notes, I have John Ross and Christy Munro's marriage record is in 1805.  It was interesting to me to see one of the witnesses was John Bain.  My John McLeod, the son of Donald Ross's youngest sister Rebecca was living with a 77 year old John Bain when he was 16, following the death of his mother in 1864.  If it is the same John Bain, he would have had to be 10 years old when he was the witness at his Uncle Donald's baptism.  I think that is a bit unlikely!

Anne, it is the church records for Dyke parish I'm interested in viewing.  I was so surprised when you said there may not be a death record for Christy Munro and the only way I could find where she died is to find a record of a fee the church called for rental of a casket covering owned by the church.  She apparently died sometime between 1841 when she was 65 and 1861 where she is listed as deceased on her daughter Christina's death record.

Any comments concerning my guess at the birth records of John Ross and Christy Munro would be appreciated,

And thanks again for helping this feeble-minded old soul in his search to find the genealogy of his wife's paternal grandfather, John McLeod.  

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