Re: Searching for John McLeod

Anne Burgess

The baptism record of Donald Ross on 22 August 1804 in Kilmuir Easter is available to view on Scotland's People. The originals of 99% of the Scottish birth/baptism and banns/marriages indexed on FamilySearch, FMP, Ancestry, MyHeritage etc are on Scotland's People, so that is always the first port of call once you have found it in an index. It is usual for a baptism record of an illegitimate child to say that s/he is illegitimate ('natural' is one of the terms used for 'illegitimate'; also 'born in uncleanness' or 'born in fornication').

The surviving Kirk Session minutes are in the National Records of Scotland. They have all been digitised, and Scotland's People intends to make them available but so far has not managed to do so for technical reasons. In the meantime they can be viewed on-screen in Edinburgh and in a few local archives, but of course they are all closed at the moment because of coronavirus. The Kilmuir Easter ones for the period you are interested in have survived.

Janet Ross may have died in infancy or early childhood, in which case there may not be any record of her after her baptism.

Noting that John Ross and Christian Munro had a Catherine baptised in 1809 and then a Kathrine in 1812, I would think it likely that Catherine b 1809 died in early childhood and that a later child was given the same name, spelled Kathrine in the baptism register for reasons probably known only to the clerk who wrote it down. The later baptism would fit better with the age of Catherine Ross or Bannerman in the census and death certificate.

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