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Can anyone help me with my McQueen Family from Fernley near Carbost Skye.

Kenneth McQueen and Mary Mclean are on the 1841 Scottish census with three children and I have found the christenings of others.


I know about Mary and Euphemia and as far as I know, Malcolm never married and didn't have any descendants. He died in Inverness in 1905 and is on all the census records bar 1901.

It is possible that Christy married Malcolm Stewart. Any information would be appreciated.



1-Kenneth MACQUEEN b. Abt 1770, Bracadale Skye Inverness Scotland Possible death 1851

+ Mary MACLEAN b. Abt 1781, Bracadale Skye Inverness Scotland


2-Catherine MACQUEEN b. Abt 1813, Bracadale Skye Inverness Scotland Baptism 14 Jane 1813


2-(Effy) Euphemia McQUEEN b. 1814, Bracadale Skye Inverness Scotland, d. Jun 1904, Digby Victoria Australia

+ James GRANT b. Aug 1821, Bracadale Skye Inverness Scotland, d. 1898, Digby Victoria Australia

Children Donald 1848-1899, Ann 1852, Mary 1853-1925, Margaret 1854-1933, Duncan 18555-1933


2-Donald McQUEEN b. 1819, Bracadale Sky Inverness Scotland  Born 17 July 1919


2-Christy McQUEEN b. 1821, Bracadale Sky Inverness Scotland

+ Malcolm STEWART ???  Not confirmed.

 Possible marriage 27 Feb 1840.

1 child Alexander born 1 Dec 1840 Portee, Inverness


2-Mary McQUEEN b. Abt 1827, Talisker Skye Scotland, d. 22 Jun 1893, Merino Victoria Australia

+ Thomas MILLER b. 27 Sep 1819, Bunkle & Preston Berwick Scotland

+Possible second marriage to Malcolm McPhee 1819-1855. 4 children  and Arrived 16 June 1855 on the ship “Switzerland.


2-Malcolm McQUEEN b. Abt 1823, Talisker Skye Scotland, d. 23rd Aug 1905, Inverness, Inverness Scotland.



Sue Wood   Geelong Victoria Australia.

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