Re: Searching for John McLeod

Anne Burgess

Yes, sorry, I mistyped Munro for Ross.

If David Winchester could get his mother-in-law's name wrong, then so could William Mitchell. There wouldn't be a sexton - the Church of Scotland doesn't use the term sexton.

William Mitchell and Margaret Ross had Jean 1833, Jane 1826, William 1828, John 1831, Ann 1833, Margaret 1835, Mary 1838, Christina 1839, William 1840, Jessie 1843; Donald 1847. There may well have been others whose baptisms are missing.

In the 1841 census, at Broom of Moy, are William Mitchell, 30; Margaret, 30; John, 8; Ann, 6; Margaret, 4; May, 2; William, 9 months.
In the 1851 census, at Village of Broom (which is Broom of Moy, parish of Dyke) are William Mitchell, 47; wife Margaret, 47; Mary, 15; William, 9; Janet, 7; Donald, 3. Margaret was born in Nigg R&C, the rest in Dyke.
In the 1861 census at Village of Broom are William Mitchell, 55, born Forres and wife Margaret Ross, 54, born Nigg.

It looks as if Jean, Jane, the first William and Christina must all have died young.

Margaret Mitchell, other surname Ross, died in Dyke in 1880 aged 76. Her death was registered by George Bannerman, nephew, who gave her mother's name as Margaret, surname unknown. Father's name John is a match. Her age in 1841 is a match for Margaret Ross, born 1808 but it's adrift in the other records.

George Bannerman, son of George Bannerman and Catherine Ross, was born on 24 November 1849 in Dyke. In the 1861 census at Kintessack, parish of Dyke, are Catherine Bannerman, widow, 46, born *Nairn*, with Elspet, 20; Jessie, 15; Catherine, 13 and George, 11. Catherine Bannerman, other surname Ross, died in Dyke in 1882 aged 67. Her parents were John Ross and **Christina Munro**. The informant was George Bannerman, son.

I am now wondering why George, who in 1882 knew that his grandmother was Christina Munro, apparently did not think in 1880 that his aunt Margaret's mother was Christina Munro. Could Margaret have been a daughter of John Ross by an earlier marriage? Her age in the 1851 and 1861 census, and on her death certificate, would support this. On the other hand, if she was Christian Munro's stepdaughter, why would Christian's own daughter have been named Margaret in 1808?

Genalogy's like that. One answer raises at least two new questions :)

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